Jackie mp3

Jackie mp3

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A tasty instrumental jazz funk track with a swing 16th note feel. Keyboard & drum programming by Bill Fulton using MOTU Performer 4.2, Roland and Yamaha keyboards and samplers, TASCAM 234 SYNCASET. Recorded 1994 in Los Angeles.

Bill Fulton composer, arranger, producer of Jackie 1994 has been in the music business since 1980. Below is a summary of Bill's activities. • Film / TV / Video Composer - Since 1987, Bill has worked behind the scenes in the film and television industry as a composer of music underscore and themes. Bill knows how to build drama into any production through the use of music. • Keyboardist / Music director - Bill has worked as a keyboardist and music director since 1982 providing support for music ensembles of all styles: from standards to pop, from broadway to contemporary jazz, Bill has done it all. Bill has lead octets, big bands, full orchestras and other ensembles. • Orchestrator / Arranger / Copyist - Bill's experience as an orchestrator, arranger, and copyist, provides him the unique ability to provide services in many different formats: from symphony orchestra to vocal lead sheet. From big bands to octets, Bill has done the work. • Arrangements for ensembles - For arrangements in downloadable PDF, go to Bill's Big Band Chart Store where you can purchase CDs, sheet music, charts, and arrangements and charts of Bill's music. There is a growing list of sheet music for several ensemble sizes (big band, little big band, octet, combo, chamber ensembles, and orchestra). Bill will be adding to this store from time to time. Keep an eye out for new uploads!

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